Make your domain name safe and free from cyber identity

A domain name plays a massive role in the internet world and makes the business people to have their online identity. The name itself defines the business and the person  to the world and also the valuable domain names  can make the remarkable impression to promote their business. But there are some demons around us watching our every moves and grab a chance to steal our identity. It is easy for them to steal the identity from you and ruin your reputation in this cut throat marketing field. But don’t be a victim to these fraudulent activities. There are some measures to be taken to safeguard our identity from these hijackers.

Steps to protect your domain name from scammers:

1. Protected domain name registration:

The business people get too much busy in engaging with this internet world. There are chances for them to forget to renew their business domain names. The hijackers will take a chance of this situation and try to steal the business name. But it can be avoided by having a protected domain name registration with the registrar during the registration. By doing these, the domain names will be automatically renewed without transferring the domain name. There is no need to be conscious about the expiration date. These service also protects the contact information from public view.

2. Make your information up to date and secure:

The account information should be safe and secure from the hijackers. The registration details and contact information are available in the account we are having with registrant. So it is important to protect the account with a secure password and additional protection mechanisms to safe keep your personal data. Make all the contact information, email addresses, renewal notice up to date and any changes should be updated to the registrant so that any notification from them will reach you and certain measures will be taken so that there is no place for the hijackers to have their entry.

3. Lock your domain :

All the domain registrars are providing a Locking mechanism with the domain name registration which prevents the domain name transfer without your knowledge. The locked domain name can’t be transferred to the other registrar until the lock is removed. So no one will be able to transfer your domain name since it is locked and secured.

4. Keep your information private:

Since the information is available in the public database it can be easily viewed and hijacked by anyone. But service like private domain registration makes the identity, contact information and many other details safe out of spammer’s way. It serves as an alternative for the WHOIS service and protects the personal data of the business people.

5. Be aware of suspicious mails:

Never respond to any unknown emails regarding your domain name registration. Respond only to the mails receiving from your registrant. There may be chances for losing your secured data by replying to those suspicious mails. The hijacker can easily track the data when you follow the instructions from those unknown emails. So be aware and take this serious problem to the knowledge of the registrant so that they will take measures regarding those suspicious mails.

A domain acts as an asset for the business people to hold their online identity. It is important to protect the domain name from people who are looking for a chance to grab our place in this business world. So be aware and stay safe from these scammers and make a best place in this outstanding business world.

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Best Free Blog Sites for Beginners 2015

A Blog defines the voice of a person that connects the internet world. It includes the person’s opinion, thoughts and experiences that are accessible publicly by the people on the internet. Blogging place a massive role in this online business world to generate more customers. It helps the business people to promote their business in a greater way. Anyone can start their own blog to express their passion and can connect with the world easily. Blogging sites are the platform that makes the blogger to create a communication channel in this internet driven world. There are vast ranges of blogging sites available in the internet for a blogger to get an online exposure. Here are some of the top blogging sites that are available in the internet.


WordPress is one of the most popular blogging sites available in the internet. It makes the blogger to create a blog in a simple way. The platform is for free and provides many more attractive services for the blogger. The site has many more customized services that make the blogging easy for the blogger. Sharing images and videos are possible on wordpress. The site has millions of users because of its flexibility, reliability and many more personalized features.

Blogger is a simple blogging platform that is provided by the Google for free of service. It is easy to use because anyone having a Google account can write a blog in Blogger once they have quality content. It may not have more customized settings but it is extremely easy to write a blog and publish. Blogger is formerly called as the Blog spot.


Tumblr makes the blogging more visual and communicative than the other platforms. The main focus of the platform is not on the lengthy text but the photos, and videos. It makes the blogging a visual treat to the bloggers. It provides the bloggers with many more options like sharing and re blogging. The bloggers of this site are provided with multiple theme options to make their blog a beautiful one.


Weebly makes a blogger to create and update a blog without a hassle. It has many more features including social sharing, drag and drop options that make blogging an easy process. The platform is famous among the business people since it is used for both blogging and web building. It is simple to use and enable the blogger to create a web page quickly.

As a blogger we have to understand the features of different platforms, so that we can able to choose the best platform to connect to the entire world only through words, images and videos.

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Key Points on Buy a Domain Name

In the internet driven world, practice like selling, advertising and sales have the impact of domain names. The person with a website and right domain name can make a lot of money and expand the business worldwide. The right business domain name will play a decisive role in making an impactful and lasting first impression. In order to make online presence in a crowning manner, one should plan to buy a domain name. Before buying it, one should make sure that the domain fits their unique business proposition and is extremely beneficial for branding purposes.
Once decided to buy a domain name, the next step is to choose the best registrar in the web market and make a comparison with their quality of services. The best Registrar can be identified by analyzing whether they are having following services with their domain name.
• Domain Forwarding and Masking
• Domain Locking
• Total DNS Control
• Change of registration
• Status Alert
• Auto Renew Protection
• Private Domain Registration
• Domain Transfers
• Internationalized Domain Names
• Domain Backorders
• Bulk Domain Discount
Domain forwarding and masking
Domain masking protect the address of the particular site and still allowing the customer to access the content with another name. Domain forwarding protect the address field will not be appear in the browser until the forwarding is completed.

Domain Locking
Domain locking assists in the prevention of domain name hijacking and slamming and gives users an additional safeguard against unsanctioned actions regarding their domain names
Total DNS Control
Data Management Software control the DNS server cluster and reduce the human error when editing complex and repetitive data and also validate the DNS data before it is published to the DNS server.
Change of Registration
Assign the domain name to someone else and change the contact of domain online any time with the help of change of registration service.
Status Alert
Status Alert monitors the status of domain and give the instant alert if there’s been a change in domain.
Auto Renew Protection
Auto Renew protection make one’s no need to watch the expiration dates to make sure one’s to renew on time. It keeps the domains, hosting, website builders and other products in one’s name and under their control.
Private Domain Registration
Private registration helps one to protect their identity, stop domain related spam, prevent domain hijacking, block harassers and stalkers and shield legitimate business endeavors.
Domain Transfers
If a domain is already registered by any another provider, but would like to transfer it to another domain, it becomes possible by domain transfers which make it easy to manage all aspects of one’s account from a single location.

Internationalized Domain name
With an internationalized domain name, one can communicate online using their preferred script, market their products in the native language of each of they do business and also strengthen global recognition of their brand by registering domain name in different script.
Domain Backorders
Watch the status of any domain that is available in the web market. Tracing the availability of domain name will help to acquire own domain name easier. Secure the chance to register that domain when it becomes available by backordering it at special savings.
Bulk domain discounts:
By register multiple domains, one can save more money and also with more extra features.
One can get all the above services in an affordable way at GoSkyGo where one can get business domain name, certified domain name registration and more services with their needs. Huge collection of Domain Names of GoSkyGo makes one’s online presence more perfect.


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Consequence of Buying Business Domain Name

For the success of great business, domain name is most important. It is the first impression for the customer who wants to get into your business. The domain name is considered as equivalent to your online brand. Before viewing your website, the customer can judge you based on the domain name. If your domain name is too complicated to read with underscore, hyphens, abbreviations and complex words, the customer will definitely skip your site which means they are declining your products and services. On the other hand, if it is short, simple and to the point, the customer gets the positive opinion and they will visit your website and also suggest it to their coworkers or business partners. Ensure that you don’t lose your customer only because of not having an adequate domain name to represent your business.

Make use of these suggestions when buy domain names

  • Get the domain names that should match your business name, industry, products or service.
  • Get the unique name which could be easily popularized in the market.
  • Get the catchy and memorable domain name for the purpose of website  promotion
  • Check the alternate/foreign meaning of your business domain name.
  • Get the best domain name instead of ‘good enough’.

Remember that Domain name is one of the main factors to get to promote your products and services and make your online visibility more comfortable. So keep in mind these things when register domain names

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GoSkyGo – Affordable Domain Hosting with Secure Online Transaction

Shopping!! The word itself makes all to get passion towards it, that’s only because of online shopping. eCommerce website offers fast, easy and interesting shopping exposure where you can save time, effort and money We can reduce the expenses on big shopping.
Actual purpose of this blog is not to promote E commerce websites; it’s a caution for business peoples especially where to target their business for more businesses.,

Go Sky Go
Go Sky Go

Create a website that people trust enough to do business with and believe , which covers quality of products, features, categories, well designed logo, and so on. So make sure that you own a standard ecommerce site which will help you deliver your best products and service to your worthy clients in reliable manner.

Mostly people are apprehension on payment section and have more doubts on whether it will be secured to pay or not? Now there is lot of facilities on online transaction. For example, When user try to pay online, they will be redirected to a particular credit card company’s site which requires some personal info to verify the card holder, so that we can reduce fraudulent transactions. This is really a good trend to secure our transaction with customer’s knowledge.
GoSkyGo helps both the business people and individuals who are struggling in promoting their business in this competitive internet world.. Promote your online business with secured online payment at best cost.

An attractive and informative website can create hope on your products and services to your clients. Try it with GoSkyGo.

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Make domain ownership easier, faster and more private

From protecting your privacy with an “unlisted” registration to transferring domains in bulk, you’ll find it all here.


Private Registration
Keeps your personal information private, protecting you from spam, scams and worse.
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN)
Register .COM, .NET, .ORG and other popular domain names in any one of over 100 native languages, ranging from Afrikaans to Vietnamese. Search using English or native character sets.
Domain Transfers
Transfer your domains to Go Sky Go – it’s fast, automated and risk-free! You keep all the time remaining on your registration and get a 1-year extension at no extra charge.
Domain Backorders
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Bulk domain discounts
SAVE up to 89% when you register or transfer six or more .COMs at once.***

Naming a business is as important as Naming a child!!!

Choosing a name for the business is an important step before we step into the business process. Once it has been done next step would be converting  the chosen Business name into Domain name to make great business success in the internet world  Domain name registrar make it simple in bringing your favorite domain name in to the web world.

Let people know about your business through your domain name. GoSkyGo the best domain name registrar makes registering Domain Names quick, simple, and reasonable. Buy Domain Names and various Domain Extensions at the best costs.

While choosing domain name for the business remember that in bloodthirsty world hackers are always cunning to undertake someone’s domain name for their purpose. Don’t be panic; our GoSkyGo team put a special care to handle this issue with great care. We Prefer names that goes with your product’s nature and also unique which is always the best and that will not be hacked anymore.

Select the domain name for the business with the good and reliable domain name provider who fits your budget.

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Go Sky Go – Your identity to the Internet world

To show their unique identity people on business (targeted audience or customers) need tool to showcase them to the marketing world. That special tool which helps to take your business to your audience is none other than your DOMAIN NAME.

Go Sky Go
Go Sky Go

Dream of any business could be make an own identity in the business world. Go Sky Go the best Domain name provider help your dream happen.

Let people know your presence in web world.We have huge collection of pleasant domain names of various businesses. With an affordable price you can buy domain names, It is designed in such a way where both business people and Individuals can get benefit out of our service.

Let your identity tells about what you are mean to the world!! Explore your ideas to that world through GoSkyGo!!!